Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Vegetable Tart

So this week's challenge for me should be called Baking with Oliver (and right now blogging with Oliver). I made most of this recipe with Olie either in the kitchen or in the carrier with me. It was one of those days, but I was determined to participate in this weeks challenge. Don't worry I put him down when the stove or oven was involved - I didn't want to add any injuries to the mix.

I have to say I quite enjoy Julia's savory dishes, especially with all the butter she uses in her recipes and this one was no exception. I clarified the butter even though I was tempted just to melt the butter in the microwave. To be honest I am not sure what a difference it made - maybe Tina can enlighten me. I didn't use close to 1/2 cup, so I have some clarified butter to use another time.

This was a very easy tart to make, the only problem (which is not really a problem) is that I am the only person in my household who likes mushrooms, so I will be eating the entire tart. I was hoping to entice my son, but he wasn't interested. Julia suggests serving it warm, but I have had it now at room temperature as well as from the fridge and both times I thought it was delightful. I doubt I will make this dish again since I am the only taker, as well this was not the prettiest dish to serve - flakes were everywhere!
I am looking forward to next weeks challenge. Until then, happy baking!