Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Challenge - Pound Cake

It's done! I've completed my first Baking Beauty Challenge! I was a little skeptical at first, since I don't own a stand mixer with a paddle attachment but had called my sister for advice who told me to use my stand mixer at a lower setting to get the same results. I was again concerned when my sugar and butter mixture kept balling...but eventually after I added the egg the mixture seemed to be doing what it was suppose to. I baked the cake for approximately 60 minutes. Since I had tried Tina's cake I knew what to compare mine to....Tina's was a little darker on the outside, so I think I could have baked mine for a little longer. Regardless, the result was a moist, delicious cake that Jerry and I have been enjoying all week.
I had cheated and used a butter spray for the pan (I can just hear Tina sighing), and I think next time I will use real butter as I had some difficulty getting the cake out of the pan. Although, I borrowed the pan from my parents, and it looks as though they must have bought it in the 70's. So, maybe the pan is to blame? Doubt it, but worth the try!
I too made a strawberry sauce for the cake (I've made three batches to date). I also served the cake for dessert on Friday night for my in-laws. Praises all round. I have some left overs which I plan to freeze and eat with ice cream at some later date. Looking forward to it!

I have just read through the next challenge and am feeling very intimidated by it and am thinking of passing on this one. I'll have to read through the recipe a few more times before I make my decision. Nevertheless, I will be making the gallette!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baking Beauties

The two people I am closest to in my life have convinced me to join Baking Beauties. Now, just so that all the other Baking Beauties realize that even though I do love cooking and baking, but I don't come close to comparing to my dear sister or best friend. So, I apologize now for any culinary mistakes or baking blunders. Above all I am looking forward to the challenge!
Best of luck Baking Beauties! Looking forward to the first challenge!